Monday, October 20, 2008

Youth Group - The Night Is Ours

Youth Group are a four piece from Sydney, Australia and The Night is Ours is their fourth album. Best known for their hit, Forever Young, this is mournful, moody pop with sentimental, sappy lyrics that are, well boring.

Sounding like a less charismatic Editors; there is some nice rhythmic guitar in there and some cool synths pops up in one track, but this is very middle of the road stuff. Toby Martin’s voice does remind me of Madchester band, James’ Tim Booth at times, which is a good thing I guess. Track Babies in your Dreams is just awful.

1. Good Time

2. One For Another

3. Two Sides

4. Dying At Your Own Party

5. All This Will Pass

6. Friedrichstrasse

7. A Sign

8. Babies In Your Dreams

9. In My Dreams

10. What Is A Life

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