Monday, October 20, 2008

Playhouse: Famous When Dead 6

Playhouse continues its legendary and notorious compilation series named Famous When Dead with its sixth edition. Conceived to collect and present the label's 12" highlights, this time the package comes as a 2CD for the price of one, including a bonus CD lovingly mixed by label owner Heiko Sch„fer aka Heiko M/S/O and containing partially alternate tracks by the artists on this compilation. On this sixth edition, the echo chamber, the disco dancefloor and the bass-bin are once again the central, magic spaces in which Playhouse has cultivated its universal, totally modern and always timeless house sound for 15 years now. Within the endless interplay of tradition and modernity, the Playhouse team has again impeccably balanced the mix of this new compilation. On one hand, the parameters of house music have been set in stone since the Neolithic Age: the never too-rapid pace, the use of minimal means for maximum impact, the claps with their humane amiability, the bass lines with their viciousness, etc. On the other hand, how this has been interpreted in 2008 is totally unique: crisp and transparent in the high-end, with a pounding punch and warm body in the low end. All this is best experienced on an excellent sound system like the label's home-base Robert Johnson in Offenbach, or at Panorama Bar in Berlin, where Playhouse has a monthly residency. In sparse, intense rooms like these, the assembled and highly reactive elements flourish to their fullest. Artists include: Losoul (feat. ThisTime), Roman IV, MyMy, Simon Baker, Todd Terje, X-District, Holger Zilske, Goldfish & Der Dulz, Rework, Chlo‚, Prosumer and Common Factor.

01. Losoul - The Number (Feat. This Time) (Original)
02. Roman IV - Neues Testament (Original)
03. My My - Day For Night (Original)
04. Infant presents Simon Baker - Plastik (Todd Terje Trkatech Remix)
05. X-District - Color Correction (Original Version)
06. Holger Zilske - The Bees (Original)
07. Goldfish & Der Dulz - Love Me Fender (Original)
08. Rework - Love Love Love Yeah (Chloe Remix)
09. Prosumer - The Craze (Vocal)
10. Common Factor - Storm (Original)
11. Roman IV - Neues Testament (Original)
12. My My - Day For Night (Original)
13. Holger Zilske - The Bees (Original)
14. Losoul - West Side Horn (Original)
15. Goldfish & Der Dulz - Love Me Fender (Original)
16. Roger23 - Die Phantomspeisung (Original)
17. Rework - Love Love Love Yeah (Chloe Remix)
18. Common Factor - Get Down #3 (Original)
19. Prosumer - The Craze (Vocal)
20. Infant presents Simon Baker - Plastik (Todd Terje Trkatech Remix)

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