Friday, October 31, 2008

Shinichi Osawa - The One+

1. Star Guitar [Armand Van Helden Remix]
2. Detonator [Freeform Reform Remix by Freeform Five]
3. Maximum Joy [Van She Tech Remix]
4. Our Song [Song & You Mix by De De Mouse]
5. Push [Alex Gopher Remix]
6. Rendezvous [Crookers Remix]
7. Star Guitar [Alavi Rerox]
8. Dreamhunt [Version by Rubies]
9. Foals [Streetlife DJs Remix]
10. Detonator [Herve's UXB Remix]
11. Star Guitar [Popular Computer Remix]
12. Dreamhunt [Shinichi Osawa Remix]

Justin Martin - Chaos Restored 2

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01. Justin Martin - How I Feel (Intro)

02. DJ Koze - Let’s Love

03. Stateless - Bloodstream (Henrik Schwarz Club Remix)

04. Rodriguez Jr. - Pina Colada (Voodeux Brew Remix)

05. Dapayk Solo - 50Mann50hz

06. Onkel Brutalo - Selva (Mri Smiling Faces Remix)

07. Loco Dice - M Train To Brooklyn

08. Kreon & Lemos - Lookooshere (Wighnomy’s Rollmops Rework)

09. Stimming - Kleine Nachtmusik (No Beats Mix)

10. Tim Green - Mr. Dry

11. Einmusik - Challenge

12. Radiohead - Nude (Justin Martin Remix)

13. Christian Martin - Elephant Fight (Justin’s Jungle Beats)

14. Tim Green - Revox (Justin Martin Remix)

15. Robag Wruhme - Moscavia

16. Marshall Jefferson vs Noosa Heads - Mushrooms (Justin Martin Remix)

17. The Per Eckbo Orchestra - Kodo Verano

18. Justin Martin - My Angelic Demons

19. Karmina - Wonder 21 (Matthew Jonson’s 21 Roses Remix)

20. Justin Martin - How I Feel (Outro)

DJMag: Richie Hawtin - Sounds From Can Elles

01.  Gernot Lance - Lesistance

02. Ryoh Mitomi - Watch Your Step

03. Oliver Dodd - Nervous Part 2

04. Psyk - Clown

05. Octave - Past Flash

06. Jobdoy - Spades For Minds

07. Gary Beck - Consumed

08. Marco Dassi - Varese Ist Leer (Minicoolboyz Remix)

09. Luciano Le Biham & Exequiel Brandan - Flying

10. Antonio Pocas - 14-12

11. Jorge Savoretti - You Taste Better Than Danger

12. Larsson - Sbility To Jump

13. Ken Kenichiro - 4AM

14. Joel Alter - Spektrolit

15. Sebastian Russel - You Freak

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Eagles of Death Metal - Heart On

01 - Eagles Of Death Metal - Anything Cept The Truth 
02 - Eagles Of Death Metal - Wannabe In La
03 - Eagles Of Death Metal - (i Used To Couldnt Dance) Tight Pants 
04 - Eagles Of Death Metal - High Voltage 
05 - Eagles Of Death Metal - Secret Plans 
06 - Eagles Of Death Metal - Now Im A Fool
07 - Eagles Of Death Metal - Heart On 
08 - Eagles Of Death Metal - Cheap Thrills 
09 - Eagles Of Death Metal - How Can A Man With So Many Friends Feel So Alone
10 - Eagles Of Death Metal - Solo Flights 
11 - Eagles Of Death Metal - Prissy Prancin 
12 - Eagles Of Death Metal - Im Your Torpedo 

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Portastatic - Bright Ideas

1. Bright Ideas
2. Through With People
3. White Wave
4. I Wanna Know Girls
5. Little Fern
6. Truckstop Cassetes
7. Stop Rewind, The
8. Registered Ghost
9. Center of the World
10.Full of Stars

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Knife - Silent Shout

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"Silent Shout" cuts deeper than their previous efforts, and its undeniable that their production skills are amazing. They know when to throw in vocals or a distortion of sound to give you chills. "Silent Shout" is the darker counterpart to their previous albums. "Silent Shout", the album's title track, is very minimal and very dark. It definitely sets the tone for the rest of the album, it's electronic elements blaring on the emptiness within the track is beautiful. "Neverland" has an amazing bridge in it, the vocals on it are amazing, again they know when to switch it up at the right moment. "The Captain" is much more slower at the beginning, leads to the epic vocals within the track, the chorus is simply beautiful. "We Share Our Mother's Health" is the most twisted it gets on the album, and I must admit I love it to the fullest. The hook is genius, it leads the track to be even more chaotic. "Na Na Na" starts off very alluring like a siren leading you to your doom, the beats are killer. "Marble House" has to be my favorite off the album, so much emotion is evoked from the rawness of the track. "Like A Pen" is more bouncy, not that bad of a track. "From Off To On" is another favorite, it shows how beautiful despair can be. "Forest Families" has awkward vocals in it, at times I like it, at times I don't. "One Hit" is badass, very industrial and modern. "Still Light" ends the album with a haunting feeling, perfectly ending this emotional journey.

1.      Silent Shout

2.      Neverland

3.      The Captain

4.      We Share Our Mother’s Health

5.      Na Na Na

6.      Marble House

7.      Like A Pen

8.      From Off To On

9.      Forest Families

10.      One Hit

11.      Still Light

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dungen - 4

"The ten tracks on 4 comprise Dungen's most concentrated effort to date, beats surging forth and atmosphere changing as their sound continues to evolve. Every song here runs under five minutes, pushing the group to introduce confident melodies and arresting ambiance in tighter frameworks. Gauging from the results, this challenge has done them well.

Included in this set are live favorite "Mina Damer och Fasaner," excerpts from a wild psychedelic jam session entitled "Samtidigt", and a storming, Northern Soul-influenced instrumental entitled "Fredag". These stand tall with some of the most fully-realized moments of Dungen's career; percolating prog-pop groover "Det Tar Tid" and eloquent opener "Satt At Se", the latter of which is being released on a Ltd Edition 12" on Mexican Summer (and Subliminal Sound in Europe) before 4 comes out this fall."

01. Sätt att se
02. Målerås finest
03. Det tar tid
04. Samtidigt 1
05. Ingenting är sig likt
06. Fredag
07. Finns det någon möjlighet
08. Mina damer och fasaner
09. Samtidigt 2
10. Bandhagen

Monday, October 20, 2008

Tahiti 80 - Activity Center

Where does the title of your new album come from?
It's the name of a Fisher Price toy for kids! The Fisher Price Activity Center is this big plastic panel for kids complete with moving wheels, dials, dingers and all sorts of special sound effects. We figured our studio looks pretty much the same with all our consoles and all the instruments we've amassed over the years. We can just turn up and record ourselves there whenever we like. And we felt the title suited the way we produced the new album, all four of us tucked away behind closed doors.

01. 24×7 Boy

02. Unpredictable

03. All Around

04. Brazil

05. Fire Escape

06. One Parachute

07. Tune In

08. Dream On

09. White Noise

10. Come Around

11. Whistle

12. Ear to the Ground

Youth Group - The Night Is Ours

Youth Group are a four piece from Sydney, Australia and The Night is Ours is their fourth album. Best known for their hit, Forever Young, this is mournful, moody pop with sentimental, sappy lyrics that are, well boring.

Sounding like a less charismatic Editors; there is some nice rhythmic guitar in there and some cool synths pops up in one track, but this is very middle of the road stuff. Toby Martin’s voice does remind me of Madchester band, James’ Tim Booth at times, which is a good thing I guess. Track Babies in your Dreams is just awful.

1. Good Time

2. One For Another

3. Two Sides

4. Dying At Your Own Party

5. All This Will Pass

6. Friedrichstrasse

7. A Sign

8. Babies In Your Dreams

9. In My Dreams

10. What Is A Life

Playhouse: Famous When Dead 6

Playhouse continues its legendary and notorious compilation series named Famous When Dead with its sixth edition. Conceived to collect and present the label's 12" highlights, this time the package comes as a 2CD for the price of one, including a bonus CD lovingly mixed by label owner Heiko Sch„fer aka Heiko M/S/O and containing partially alternate tracks by the artists on this compilation. On this sixth edition, the echo chamber, the disco dancefloor and the bass-bin are once again the central, magic spaces in which Playhouse has cultivated its universal, totally modern and always timeless house sound for 15 years now. Within the endless interplay of tradition and modernity, the Playhouse team has again impeccably balanced the mix of this new compilation. On one hand, the parameters of house music have been set in stone since the Neolithic Age: the never too-rapid pace, the use of minimal means for maximum impact, the claps with their humane amiability, the bass lines with their viciousness, etc. On the other hand, how this has been interpreted in 2008 is totally unique: crisp and transparent in the high-end, with a pounding punch and warm body in the low end. All this is best experienced on an excellent sound system like the label's home-base Robert Johnson in Offenbach, or at Panorama Bar in Berlin, where Playhouse has a monthly residency. In sparse, intense rooms like these, the assembled and highly reactive elements flourish to their fullest. Artists include: Losoul (feat. ThisTime), Roman IV, MyMy, Simon Baker, Todd Terje, X-District, Holger Zilske, Goldfish & Der Dulz, Rework, Chlo‚, Prosumer and Common Factor.

01. Losoul - The Number (Feat. This Time) (Original)
02. Roman IV - Neues Testament (Original)
03. My My - Day For Night (Original)
04. Infant presents Simon Baker - Plastik (Todd Terje Trkatech Remix)
05. X-District - Color Correction (Original Version)
06. Holger Zilske - The Bees (Original)
07. Goldfish & Der Dulz - Love Me Fender (Original)
08. Rework - Love Love Love Yeah (Chloe Remix)
09. Prosumer - The Craze (Vocal)
10. Common Factor - Storm (Original)
11. Roman IV - Neues Testament (Original)
12. My My - Day For Night (Original)
13. Holger Zilske - The Bees (Original)
14. Losoul - West Side Horn (Original)
15. Goldfish & Der Dulz - Love Me Fender (Original)
16. Roger23 - Die Phantomspeisung (Original)
17. Rework - Love Love Love Yeah (Chloe Remix)
18. Common Factor - Get Down #3 (Original)
19. Prosumer - The Craze (Vocal)
20. Infant presents Simon Baker - Plastik (Todd Terje Trkatech Remix)

Barem - Kolimar EP

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It’s not hard to tell that Barem’s been kicking back and enjoying the summer, soaking up the sunshine vibes and pouring new found inspiration into these three new tracks. The result is a breath-taking departure from his previous releases that demonstrates an unexpected mastery of the classic house sound. The first surprise is that each track stretches out to around the nine-minute mark with Barem adopting a more patient, relaxed approach to his arrangements. The resulting laidback grooves - loopy, organic and sexy in turn - effortlessly seduce the crowd, marking a definite evolution in his sound and adding a welcome new string to his bow.

01. Seeee (Original Mix)

02. Kolimar (Original Mix)

03. Tres De Niul (Original Mix)(Digital Only)

Katie Herzig - Apple Tree

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I was extremely pleased when I learned that Nashville based songwriter, Katie Herzig had a new album on the horizon a couple of months ago. Her previous releases, 2004’s Watch Them Fall and 2006’s Weightless, are beauties to behold and I anticipated that her latest, Apple Tree, would be of the same vein. And I was right.

From start to finish, Apple Tree firmly stands as something Herzig should be proud of, as it’s quite possibly her best album to date. She’s managed to blend her honey-sweet voice and superb songwriting skills to make an album bountiful with both playful energy and heartfelt, lyrically rich songs.

The album opens with ‘Songbird,’ a swaying, bittersweet ode to missed love in which Herzig sings,“She lays her head upon your shoulder / But all I see is the way that you hold her / You live in your house with a beautiful view / And I live in your apple tree.”

One will find pure, satisfying pop in ‘Hologram,’ which serves as one of Herzig’s loudest songs to date. But she delivers it flawlessly, giving the song an indescribable energy that needs to be listened to multiple times. But on ‘How The West Was Won,’ Herzig still mesmerizes, turning a softly brushed love song into delicate foot-tapper.

Herzig also teams up again with fellow songwriter, Kim Richey, penning together two of the songs that appear on Apple Tree. One of which is ‘I Will Follow,’ an infectious standout that will most certainly find itself on the radio or on television.

‘Forevermore’ closes the album with a jaunty, head-bopping sing-a-long about fairy tales and white knights, but don’t that mislead you. By the chorus you’re hooked and you’ll be humming it all day long.

I suppose that my only gripe is that at just under forty minutes, the album seems too short. But that’s hardly a valid complaint when met with an album chock-full of so many quality songs. That said,Apple Tree is red delicious.

01.      Songbird

02.      I Want To Belong To You

03.      Hologram

04.      How the West Was Won

05.      Wish You Well

06.      Sumatra

07.      I Will Follow

08.      I Hurt Too

09.      Gypsy Girl

10.      Shovel

11.      Forevermore

Ray LaMontagne - Gossip In The Grain

Gossip in the Grain is singer-songwriter Ray LaMontagne's third full-length release, which was released on October 142008. The album was produced by Ethan Johns and recorded in Box, England. Along with his band members, LaMontagne is also joined by singer/songwriter Leona Naess on "A Falling Through" and "I Still Care for You." As commented on LaMontagne's website, the new album "proves to be his most creative and emotionally expansive collection to date."[1]

The album hit #1 in album sales on iTunes on its release day.

1.      You Are The Best Thing

2.      Let It Be Me

3.      Sarah

4.      I Still Care For You

5.      Winter Birds

6.      Meg White

7.      Hey Me, Hey Mama

8.      Henry Nearly Killed Me (It’s A Shame)

9.      A Falling Through

10.      Gossip In The Grain

Reefer - Reefer

Nick Thorburn is a busy guy. Between Islands and Human Highway, it's unclear how he finds the time to keep up those fashionable haircuts. We recently reported on HH's first live shows. Now Islands, who have a six-song Live Session available at iTunes, are also on the road. The iTunes EP includes Arm's Way tracks ("The Arm," "Pieces Of You," "Creeper," and a "revised" "J'aime Vous Voir Quitter") as well as covers of Spiritualized's "Broken Heart" and Sinead O'Connor's "Red Football." If these two projects weren't enough, you can add Reefer to the mix. It's the duo of Thorburn and LA-based hip-hop producer Daddy Kev. The two met via Subtitle, who we saw in Nick's arms at SXSW '08, and went off to Maui sans Subtitle (Thorburn clearly digs islands) to put together their self-titled debut. It includes six songs, three interludes, and remixes by Dntel and Flying Lotus.

1.      The Simplest Way

2.      May Baleen

3.      Let It Go

4.      Five Hundred An Ounce

5.      Crony Island

6.      Hit and Run

7.      Blue Moon

8.      Until We Meet Again

9.      Hit and Run (Dntel Remix)

10.      Let It Go (Flying Lotus Remix)

Matt Elliott - Howling Songs

1.      The Kübler-Ross Model

2.      Something About Ghosts

3.      How Much In Blood?

4.      A Broken Flamenco

5.      Berlin & Bisenthal

6.      I Name This Ship The Tragedy, Bless Her & All Who Sail With Her

7.      The Howling Song

8.      Song For A Failed Relationship

9.      Bomb The Stock Exchange

Nitin Sawhney - London Undersound

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In an attempt to capture the motions of life since 9/11, Nitin Sawhney is famously uncategorisable as a musician.

It serves him well in his efforts to inhabit the London "undersound" – it's light, broadly mellow, worldy pop music driven by high levels of musicianship and the determination not to alienate. If the album lacks the killer melody it deserves, that doesn't mean you won't find safe places within it to abide. Perhaps within the bosoms of Imogen Heap or Paul McCartney. Or perhaps not.

1.      Days Of Fire feat. Natty

2.      October Daze feat. Tina Grace

3.      Bring It Home feat. Imogen Heap

4.      Interlude 1 - Ghost Image

5.      My Soul feat. Paul McCartney

6.      Interlude 2 - Soledad

7.      Distant Dreams feat. Roxanne Tataei

8.      Interlude 3 - Street Sounds

9.      Shadowland feat. Ojos De Brujo

10.      Daybreak feat. Faheem Mazhar

11.      Interlude 4 - Identity

12.      Ek Jaan feat. Reena Bhardwaj

13.      Transmission feat. Tina Grace

14.      Interlude 5 - Tension

15.      Last Train To Midnight feat. Aruba Red

16.      Interlude 6 - Ronald Gray

17.      Firmament

18.      Charu Keshi Rain feat. Anoushka Shanka

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Björk - Dull Flame Of Desire EP

1. "Dull Flame of Desire" (Modeselektor’s Rmx For Girls)
2. "Dull Flame of Desire" (Modeselektor’s Rmx For Boys)
3. "Dull Flame of Desire" (Mark Stent Album Mix)
4. "Dull Flame of Desire" (Video / Radio Edit)
5. "Dull Flame of Desire" (Mark Stent Instrumental)
6. "Innocence" (Sinden Remix)

Rio en Medio - Frontier

1. Heartless
2. Ferris
3. The Umbrella
4. The Diamond Wall
5. Venus of Willendorf
6. Standing Horses
7. The Last Child's Tear
8. Frontier
9. Fall Up
10. Stars Are
11. Nameless
12. Never Get You
13. The Light House
14. The Visitor

Helios - Caesura

1. Hope Valley Hill
2. Come With Nothings
3. Glimpse
4. Fourteen Drawings
5. Backlight
6. The Red Truth
7. A Mountain Of Ice
8. Mima
9. Shoulder To Hand
10. Hollie

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pussycats Starring: The Walkmen

1. Many Rivers To Cross
2. Subterrannean Homesick Blues
3. Don't Forget Me
4. All My Life
5. Old Forgotten Soldier
6. Save The Last Dance For Me
7. Mucho Mungo/Mt. Elga
8. Loop De Loop
9. Black Sails
10. Rock Around The Clock

Friday, October 17, 2008

Microfilm - The Slingshot Orchestra


1.     Flooded Ballrooms

2.     Fox & His Friends

3.     Ciccone           

4.     Teenage Symphonies

5.     Les Ringtones Melancolique

6.     Hospitalized For Exhaustion

7.     Disco Demolition Derby

8.     We Are Terribly Sorry For Your Loss

9.     Dario Argento

10.  The Love Theme           

11.  Flora & Fauna           

12.  Johnny X Lost His Girl(To Erlend Oye & The World)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Martinez - 101 Regards

1. Mistlur
2. Sliderglider
3. 101 Regards

Bichi - Eroberen

1 Erobreren
2 Drømmeren 
3 Tœnkeren 
4 Forføreren 
5 Broen

Dave Aju - Open Wide

01. Roundabout
02. Bump
03. Crazy Place
04. First Love
05. Tapatio
06. Open Wide
07. Anyway
08. With You
09. Crazy Place (Luciano Remix)

Budenzauber Vol. 1: 25 Minimal Techno Tracks

01.  Harry Axt - Tag Der Befreiung (Holgi Star & Miro Pajic Remix)

02. Sebastian Steimel - Prophylaxe

03. Sascha Krohn - Clowns In My Head

04. Robin Hirte - Rise

05. Dacido & Hirte - Tabazz

06. Nudisco - Brainmapping (Monoroom 6 AM Remix)

07. Henneberg & Stiller - Pluracell (Mathias Schaffhauser Remix)

08. Yannick Schuetz - Halium

09. Phunklarique & Dejonka - Jewel Case

10. Klartraum - Antworteffekt

11. Umani - Profondo

12. Dirty Boots - Take Me

13. Javier Garnelo - Neuhal (From The XS Mix)

14. Harada - Conscious Movement (DJ Emerson Spinclub Remix)

15. Sven Brede - Mare

16. Mike Wall - Wallace

17. DJ Emerson - Dropshot

18. Miro Pajic - Wired Worlds

19. Daniel Steinberg - Opening Close

20. Dave Shokh - Sole

21. Ron Flatter – Achill

22. Super Flu & Ron Flatter - Die Rackkehr Des Tanzlehrers

23. Flinsch ‘N’ Nielson - Effekthascher

24. Holgi Star - Ich Habe Auch Gedopt

25. Jan Driver - The Neptuners Reloaded (Casiomatic Live Version)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mr. Oizo - Lambs Anger

01. Hun
02. Pourriture 2
03. Z
04. Cut Dick
05. Two Takes It Feat. Carmen Castro
06. Rank
07. Bruce Willis Is Dead
08. Jo
09. Positif
10. Lambs Anger
11. Erreur Jean Feat. Error Smith
12. Steroids Feat. Uffie
13. Gay Dentists
14. Pourriture 7
15. W
16. Lars Von Sen
17. Blind Concerto

Natural Snow Buildings - The Dance of the Moon and the Sun

1.01 Carved Heart
1.02 Cut Joint Sinews & Divided Reincarnation
1.03 Interstate Roads
1.04 Wisconsin
1.05 Rain Serenade
1.06 Dance Of The Moon & The Sun
1.07 Felt Presence, Ghostly Humming
1.08 Breaking Waters
1.09 Eu Un Miroir, Obscurement
1.10 The Cover-Up
2.01 Tupilak
2.02 Wandering Souls
2.03 A Ten Guardian-Spirits Motherfucker
2.04 Mary Brown
2.05 Gary Webb
2.06 Whose Eyes Are Flowers
2.07 The Cursed Bell
2.08 All Animals In The Form Of Water
2.09 Lie There
2.10 John Carpenter
2.11 Away, My Ghosts
2.12 My Bones Are Yours
2.13 Search For Me
2.14 Tunneling Into The Structure Until It Falls
2.15 Remains In The Ditch Of The Dead

Deerhunter - Microcastle

1. Cover Me (Slowly)
2. Agoraphobia
3. Never Stops
4. Little Kids
5. Microcastle
6. Calvary Scars
7. Green Jacket
8. Activa
9. Nothing Ever Happened
10. Saved by Old Times
11. Neither of Us, Uncertainly
12. Twilight at Carbon Lake

Devendra Banhart - Cripple Crow

1 Now That I Know
2 Santa Maria De Feira
3 Heard Somebody Say
4 Long Haired Child
5 Lazy Butterfly
6 Quedate Luna
7 Queen Bee
8 I Feel Just Like A Child
9 Some People Ride The Wave
10 The Beatles
11 Dragonflys
12 Cripple Crow
13 Inaniel
14 Hey Mama Wolf
15 How's About Tellin' A Story
16 Chinese Children
17 Saw Kill River
18 I Love That Man
19 Luna De Margarita
20 Korean Dogwood
21 Little Boys
22 Canela

Devendra Banhart - Rejoicing In The Hands

1 This Is The Way
2 A Sight To Behold
3 The Body Breaks
4 Poughkeepsie
5 Dogs They Make Up The Dark
6 Will Is My Friend
7 This Beard Is For Siobhán
8 See Saw
9 Tit Smoking In The Temple Of Artesan Mimicry
10 Rejoicing In The Hands
11 Fall
12 Todo Los Dolores
13 When The Sun Shone On Vetiver
14 There Was Sun
15 Insect Eyes
16 Autumn's Child

Murcof - The Versailles Sessions

01 Welcome To Versailles

02 Louis XIV's Demons

03 A Lesson For The Future, Farewell To The Old Ways

04 Death Of A Forest

05 Spring In The Artificial Gardens

06 Lully's "Turquerie" As Interpreted By An Advanced Script

Monday, October 13, 2008

Múm - Please Smile My Nosebleed

1.On the Old Mountain Radio
2.Please Sing My Spring Reverb
3.Please Sing My Spring Reverb - (Styro mix)
4.Please Sing My Spring Reverb - (i.s.a.n. Catena mix)
5.Flow Not So Fast Old Mountain Radio
6.Please Sing My Spring Reverb - (Phonem mix)
7.On the Old Mountain Radio - (Christian Kleine mix)
8.Please Sing My Spring Reverb
9.Please Sing My Spring Reverb - (b. Fleischmann mix)

Belle & Sebastian - If You're Feeling Sinister: Live at the Barbican

1 Stars of Track and Field
2 Seeing Other People
3 Me and the Major
4 Like Dylan in the Movies
5 Fox in the Snow
6 Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
7 If You're Feeling Sinister
8 Mayfly
9 The Boy Done Wrong Again
10 Judy and the Dream of Horses

Silkworm - You Are Dignified

1 Prayer To God
2 And Then...
3 Lepidoptera
4 Let's Kill Saturday Night
5 That's All There Is

Ryan Adams - Heartbreaker

1 (Argument With David Rawlings Concerning Morrissey)
2 To Be Young (Is To Be Sad, Is To Be High)
3 My Winding Wheel
4 Amy
5 Oh My Sweet Carolina
6 Bartering Lines
7 Call Me On Your Way Back Home
8 Damn, Sam (I Love A Woman That Rains)
9 Come Pick Me Up 
10 To Be The One 
11 Why Do They Leave? 
12 Shakedown On 9th Street 
13 Don't Ask For The Water 
14 In My Time Of Need 
15 Sweet Lil Gal (23rd/1st)

Clinic - Internal Wrangler

1 Voodoo Wop
2 The Return Of Evil Bill
3 Internal Wrangle
4 DJ Shangri-La
5 The Second Line
6 C.Q.
7 T.K
8 Earth Angel
9 Distortions
10 Hippy Death Suite
11 2nd Foot Stomp
12 2/4
13 Untitled
14 Goodnight Georgie

Henrik Schwarz - DJ Kicks

1. Intro
2. Bird's Lament - Moondog
3. Woman of the World [Long Instrumental Version]
4. Claire
5. Spanish Joint
6. Since You've Been Gone - James Brown
7. Jon [Live] - Henrik Schwarz
8. Let It Out - Jae Mason
9. Anthracite - Cymande
10. Imagination Limitation Mix 1 [DJ-Kicks] - Henrik Schwarz
11. Black Sea - Drexciya
12. Giya Kasiamore - Amampondo
13. Walk a Mile in My Shoes [Henrik Schwarz Remix] - Coldcut, Robert Owens
14. Core - Robert Hood
15. Chant Avec Cithare [Track 1] - Artist Unknown
16. Summun Bukmun Umyun - Pharoah Sanders
17. You Can Be a Star
18. Get Around to It - Arthur Russell
19. Conscious of My Conscience
20. Let Jah Love Come - Sugar Minott,
21. Wake Up Brothers - Doug Hammond
22. You're the Man [Alternate Version 2] - Marvin Gaye
23. Outro