Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Knife - Silent Shout

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"Silent Shout" cuts deeper than their previous efforts, and its undeniable that their production skills are amazing. They know when to throw in vocals or a distortion of sound to give you chills. "Silent Shout" is the darker counterpart to their previous albums. "Silent Shout", the album's title track, is very minimal and very dark. It definitely sets the tone for the rest of the album, it's electronic elements blaring on the emptiness within the track is beautiful. "Neverland" has an amazing bridge in it, the vocals on it are amazing, again they know when to switch it up at the right moment. "The Captain" is much more slower at the beginning, leads to the epic vocals within the track, the chorus is simply beautiful. "We Share Our Mother's Health" is the most twisted it gets on the album, and I must admit I love it to the fullest. The hook is genius, it leads the track to be even more chaotic. "Na Na Na" starts off very alluring like a siren leading you to your doom, the beats are killer. "Marble House" has to be my favorite off the album, so much emotion is evoked from the rawness of the track. "Like A Pen" is more bouncy, not that bad of a track. "From Off To On" is another favorite, it shows how beautiful despair can be. "Forest Families" has awkward vocals in it, at times I like it, at times I don't. "One Hit" is badass, very industrial and modern. "Still Light" ends the album with a haunting feeling, perfectly ending this emotional journey.

1.      Silent Shout

2.      Neverland

3.      The Captain

4.      We Share Our Mother’s Health

5.      Na Na Na

6.      Marble House

7.      Like A Pen

8.      From Off To On

9.      Forest Families

10.      One Hit

11.      Still Light

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