Monday, October 20, 2008

Katie Herzig - Apple Tree

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I was extremely pleased when I learned that Nashville based songwriter, Katie Herzig had a new album on the horizon a couple of months ago. Her previous releases, 2004’s Watch Them Fall and 2006’s Weightless, are beauties to behold and I anticipated that her latest, Apple Tree, would be of the same vein. And I was right.

From start to finish, Apple Tree firmly stands as something Herzig should be proud of, as it’s quite possibly her best album to date. She’s managed to blend her honey-sweet voice and superb songwriting skills to make an album bountiful with both playful energy and heartfelt, lyrically rich songs.

The album opens with ‘Songbird,’ a swaying, bittersweet ode to missed love in which Herzig sings,“She lays her head upon your shoulder / But all I see is the way that you hold her / You live in your house with a beautiful view / And I live in your apple tree.”

One will find pure, satisfying pop in ‘Hologram,’ which serves as one of Herzig’s loudest songs to date. But she delivers it flawlessly, giving the song an indescribable energy that needs to be listened to multiple times. But on ‘How The West Was Won,’ Herzig still mesmerizes, turning a softly brushed love song into delicate foot-tapper.

Herzig also teams up again with fellow songwriter, Kim Richey, penning together two of the songs that appear on Apple Tree. One of which is ‘I Will Follow,’ an infectious standout that will most certainly find itself on the radio or on television.

‘Forevermore’ closes the album with a jaunty, head-bopping sing-a-long about fairy tales and white knights, but don’t that mislead you. By the chorus you’re hooked and you’ll be humming it all day long.

I suppose that my only gripe is that at just under forty minutes, the album seems too short. But that’s hardly a valid complaint when met with an album chock-full of so many quality songs. That said,Apple Tree is red delicious.

01.      Songbird

02.      I Want To Belong To You

03.      Hologram

04.      How the West Was Won

05.      Wish You Well

06.      Sumatra

07.      I Will Follow

08.      I Hurt Too

09.      Gypsy Girl

10.      Shovel

11.      Forevermore

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