Monday, October 20, 2008

Reefer - Reefer

Nick Thorburn is a busy guy. Between Islands and Human Highway, it's unclear how he finds the time to keep up those fashionable haircuts. We recently reported on HH's first live shows. Now Islands, who have a six-song Live Session available at iTunes, are also on the road. The iTunes EP includes Arm's Way tracks ("The Arm," "Pieces Of You," "Creeper," and a "revised" "J'aime Vous Voir Quitter") as well as covers of Spiritualized's "Broken Heart" and Sinead O'Connor's "Red Football." If these two projects weren't enough, you can add Reefer to the mix. It's the duo of Thorburn and LA-based hip-hop producer Daddy Kev. The two met via Subtitle, who we saw in Nick's arms at SXSW '08, and went off to Maui sans Subtitle (Thorburn clearly digs islands) to put together their self-titled debut. It includes six songs, three interludes, and remixes by Dntel and Flying Lotus.

1.      The Simplest Way

2.      May Baleen

3.      Let It Go

4.      Five Hundred An Ounce

5.      Crony Island

6.      Hit and Run

7.      Blue Moon

8.      Until We Meet Again

9.      Hit and Run (Dntel Remix)

10.      Let It Go (Flying Lotus Remix)

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