Monday, October 20, 2008

Tahiti 80 - Activity Center

Where does the title of your new album come from?
It's the name of a Fisher Price toy for kids! The Fisher Price Activity Center is this big plastic panel for kids complete with moving wheels, dials, dingers and all sorts of special sound effects. We figured our studio looks pretty much the same with all our consoles and all the instruments we've amassed over the years. We can just turn up and record ourselves there whenever we like. And we felt the title suited the way we produced the new album, all four of us tucked away behind closed doors.

01. 24×7 Boy

02. Unpredictable

03. All Around

04. Brazil

05. Fire Escape

06. One Parachute

07. Tune In

08. Dream On

09. White Noise

10. Come Around

11. Whistle

12. Ear to the Ground

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