Monday, October 20, 2008

Nitin Sawhney - London Undersound

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In an attempt to capture the motions of life since 9/11, Nitin Sawhney is famously uncategorisable as a musician.

It serves him well in his efforts to inhabit the London "undersound" – it's light, broadly mellow, worldy pop music driven by high levels of musicianship and the determination not to alienate. If the album lacks the killer melody it deserves, that doesn't mean you won't find safe places within it to abide. Perhaps within the bosoms of Imogen Heap or Paul McCartney. Or perhaps not.

1.      Days Of Fire feat. Natty

2.      October Daze feat. Tina Grace

3.      Bring It Home feat. Imogen Heap

4.      Interlude 1 - Ghost Image

5.      My Soul feat. Paul McCartney

6.      Interlude 2 - Soledad

7.      Distant Dreams feat. Roxanne Tataei

8.      Interlude 3 - Street Sounds

9.      Shadowland feat. Ojos De Brujo

10.      Daybreak feat. Faheem Mazhar

11.      Interlude 4 - Identity

12.      Ek Jaan feat. Reena Bhardwaj

13.      Transmission feat. Tina Grace

14.      Interlude 5 - Tension

15.      Last Train To Midnight feat. Aruba Red

16.      Interlude 6 - Ronald Gray

17.      Firmament

18.      Charu Keshi Rain feat. Anoushka Shanka

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