Thursday, November 27, 2008

Like Honey - Leaves

1.Five Minute Dream
2.Like A Song
3.I Can't Sleep Without You
4.Nothing's Right
6.Telling Lies
7.Old Boy
9.New York


bedil said...

Blair said...

That is a band I think you might like, and I think kinda fits your blog. It is their new ep leak, I included the cover and everything. You should check it out and post, if you think your readers will like it, I like the stuff you put on your blog and I love this, so I assume others will!

Their name is Darling's Cabinet of Sundry Horror, and its kind of like gothic folk/protopunk/indie/circus music, For fans of the birtday party and the violent femmes, and maybe even marilyn manson or Tom waits.

bedil said...

thank you blair, i'll post it later..